New Leader Announcement


I asked around for information on this months new Leader,

I personally thought his account was run by either the Vatican or a Prison gang for the longest time, his IP bounced from the back of a Catholic Church in Toronto to just outside a prison in KS

All the real info I could gather was:

  • overly opinionated
  • antagonistic
  • smart ass
  • red haired
  • step child
  • from Eastern Oregon
  • born on the 4th of July

And all that was from himself personally, along with the quote

I am a supporter of the ‘AR’ master race , A full30 degenerate and general pain-in-the-ass.

So before he causes anymore trouble lets congratulate

@jf89 !!



:clap: :clap:


LMAO Nice Congrats @jf89


What if I am part of a prison gang and a member of the vatican? :open_mouth:


Thats what I was telling everyone :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Congratulations, @jf89





Another great choice.


That would be kind of creepy, truth be told I cant even go in church with out sunblock or im toast.



Why delete that? That ginger is mouthy and pro gun, seems like he would be a cool dude.


Saved it !!!


Congratulations Joe!!!


I was trying to be nice, for once…my bad🙃 fu@#ing ginger!


Well it was rude, stop oppressing my people.


Oh lord there goes the forum


Tread carefully


You were an "interesting " looking child…


Thats what your mom said