New Leader Announcement


Dont temp me :thinking:




I like memes :smiley: :fu: :+1:


Go figure a thread about me would look like an ADHD support group meeting.


That’s cause we love you


Thank you.


Learn to take a compliment brother


Congratulations, belatedly, but still good. Seems like I came at just the right time for the red-headed recognition day, or did I miss the Crimson Trace?:innocent:


Congrats, jf89.



yeah, I met him (Carrot Top), one time in Las Vegas.

He is cool.


I met him about 20ish year ago when he was still the skinny goofy kid. I was an 18yo puke kid working security at a concert venue. I thought he was trying to sneak into the venue and I had no idea who he was. He didn’t have to try hard to convince me that he was “Carrot Top”.


I remember his movie “Chairmen of the Board” , not a very good movie but his stand up is pretty funny.