New Leaders Announcement


Hello FULL30!

Well, just like the US Military FULL30 selects its Leaders from across all walks of life.

Leaders are those with a desire, and the ability to secure growth and provide strength,
they are considerate and driven to include others.

Today we welcome two new Leaders, combined these two are responsible for at least 30 new forum members.

The first I have the pleasure to introduce is @Robocop1051

I give Rob great thanks for the ability to hear me out on the idea to unite firearms forums with our DBG,

Rob runs , they are a top notch group of firearms enthusiasts and I am honored to see them on our members map (in red) and hope all of you will give his forum a try for yourselves.

The second new Leader is @suppressednation and I doubt I can find a more genuine and respectful choice to be one of our Leaders.

Chris also has demonstrated knowing the importance of networking and working together towards a common goal.

From here I’d like both of them to take the opportunity to share anything they deem important, with the hopes that all of you might also see in them what FULL30 see’s in them,


Welcome guys, to the Leaders group.





Congrats to both of you.


Congratulations guys!!!


Robert thank you and thanks to everyone at the Full30 forum!! It’s awesome to have a platform where we can not only show videos but communicate with our viewers and other content creators. My brother @SuppressedNationJoey, our family and myself have all worked hard and spent a lot of time make videos of suppressors we are able to get our hands on thru @chris of Hansohn Brothers (Va’s #1 NFA dealer). We do hope to continue to grow along with the Full30 platform and make many new friends as well as introduce many old one’s to the forum. Thank you guys again for the selection!






Congratulations gentleman!!


Congratulations guys!


Congrats to you both.


congrats SN and Robo


Congratulations to our new Leaders!


Way cool! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Congrats to the both of you.




Congratulations to you both.


I appreciate the welcome all. I warmed up to this forum pretty quickly, and I truly appreciate everyone’s acceptance. It’s made my transition a breeze.

A little about me… Been a cop for 15 years. Been a motorcycle cop for 12 of those. I hunt, camp, fish, and Off-road. I started building AR-15’s as a teenager, about 25 years ago. While other kids mowed lawns and washed cars for pocket money, I cleaned AR-15’s for the local SWAT team. Besides full-time LEO, I also run and started my budding 07-FFL, Condition Red Ordnance Manufacturing, on the side. My passions are family, guns, patriotism and God, in no particular order. I drink brown liquor and see-through beer. I CCW 100% of the time. If I’m not carrying one gun, it’s because I’m carrying two or three. I believe the .45 and .308 are superior to the 9mm and .223… but that doesn’t stop me from owning all four. I appreciate all guns and calibers… except Hipoints and CMMG. I have an appreciation for animals, just not in my house… unless they’re the main course.


He he he

Flame war!


Don’t let him fool you. He carries a minimum of three at all times.
Seriously, Rob is a great guy and makes some great firearms.


FWIW, that’s mostly true. It’s faster to draw a new gun than it is to reload. Additionally, one never knows what position they’ll be in when they have to draw.

I carry 100% of every day that I’m awake, and when I’m sleeping it’s only arms reach away. To me, wearing a gun is as natural as socks and underwear. I plan my attire around my holster selection.

A lady asked me what I was carrying. I told her I had my XD-s in my appendix, my TRP Operator on my hip and a .357 Derringer in my coat pocket. Horrified, she asked what I was afraid of…

Not. A. God. Damned. Thing.