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Hey guys, my name is Chris and I happy to have stumbled upon this place. I like many others have given up on YouTube and came to find the forums here. I’m not new to guns or forums. My passion is in long guns, bolt guns to be exact. However I’m for the freedom of choice and don’t discriminate against any gun. I personally try to sell every new shooter or gun owner on getting a AR15 just because its America’s Rifle.

I reload and shoot long range and I’m always glad to help answer questions on those topics. So hopefully I can help someone out.



Where are you from in NorCal? I came to AZ 16 yrs ago from the North State.

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From Manteca/Stockton.

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I was a bit further north, in Redding. Best move I ever made :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yup same here. I’ll never move back to CA. I love all my new found freedoms.


Welcome Chris! Good to have another Zonie on board. :sunglasses:

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Welcome Chris! :cowboy_hat_face:

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