New member from Florida


Hi, new member here. Been shooting and reloading for a few years (40+) and although I’m mostly a pistol guy, I do have a few rifles and shotguns. Preferred is the 1911 model, 45 ACP which was my primary carry for a long time. But now with a Springfield XDM 45.

I’m not much of a poster but do like to read what others have to say, lurker is what someone called it. Located down in Englewood, FL (south west coast), and run a reloading store there.

Appreciate the invite and looking forward to seeing some good conversations.


Welcome to the forum! Stick around, you’ll like it here.


Welcome Jim!

I’ve been to Jim’s store and took his reloading class, top notch individual to spend the day with, no doubt we can all learn from his profession, past and present.

Welcome again Jim!




Thanks Robert!


Welcome to Full30, be sure to check out the reloading section, it’s new but you could offer some insight. Hope to see more of you.


I hope to add his store to our industry section but I don’t think he’s figured out the PM notifications yet :yum:


I’m sure someone could help him




Lol, I’m slow but got it figured out.


Welcome Jim! Happy to have you


Welcome to Full30… it’s nice to have some young blood aboard.


Welcome to full30! Good to see another steel frame guy join. :cowboy_hat_face:


Welcome USRS from another Floridian (me).

I am mostly a handgun guy, too and just recently bought my first Springfield - a 1911 Mil Spec (Stainless Steel). I also have the Glock G21 in .45 acp.

Hope you enjoy it here.


I’m a big fan of the 1911, just wish it had a double stack mag and a DAO and I would be a happy camper. I’m not much good with the Glocks, fact is I have one of the subcompact 10mm’s that I’m going to sell pretty soon. Know anyone that would like one with only 100 rounds through it, have them give me a shout. Thanks for the welcome!


Thats called a CZ97


Welcome @USRS! I’m not a real experienced shooter, but I’ve already figured out I like 1911s better than Glocks, lol. Hubby is just getting set up for reloading, so I hope he can benefit from your experience, too.


Actually that one is on my list for my next pistol, that and a Ruger 357. Once I get that Glock sold.


Always happy to help. Drop me a PM, email or call. I love reloading and always interested in helping others too.


Welcome to the forum. It’s good to have another experienced shooter from whom we can learn.