New member from Missouri...


Hi guys. I’m a somewhat new reloader (couple years) and been shooting for quite a while. Live in mid/rural Missouri.


welcome to the mad house
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Welcome @1684zach
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Hi Zach I am also from Missouri South central .I have been shooting and reloading for 45 plus years .


Welcome Zach!


@1684zach Hello and welcome, enjoy your endeavors here on Full30!!


Welcome to Full30 forum @1684zach Good to have you here. We got a few reloaders here, You should fit in fine.

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Welcome sir


Welcome to full30




Welcome! Stick around, you’ll like it here.


Welcome from Ky




Welcome to the forum


Welcome @1684zach. Gladly you joined us!


Misspelled Missourah, but we love that you are here anyways.


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome from East Central Missouri


Hello @1684zach


Welcome to the forum