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First and foremost, my name is Andrew Morgan and I’m from Missouri. I have had a thing for firearms as long as I can remember. I enjoy all kinds from the really old to reall new and even NFA stuff. My true love though is night vision. I learned learned a lot about it’s true potential after serving as an Infantryman in the Marines. Nowadays, I own rental property but on the side I teach a night vision classes. Lastly I would like to thank Suppressednation_chris from Instagram for inviting me to this forum. This is the only forum I’ve ever belonged to. Btw, if you would like to check my out on Instagram, look me up @ Mogas0311


Welcome to the forum
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welcome to your new home.


We’ll try and do right by you, Chris, and your decision to check us out!





You made a great first choice. We have a nice group of people here and plenty of topics to discuss. Welcome aboard!


Welcome!! I so want to get in to NV and thermals but I know it will be just as addicting as the NFA stuff now!!


I be wanted to get some nv too but the price tag is daunting to me


@chris has been teasing me with his new flir… I need mo moneys


Thank you. Excited to be here.


It’s worth getting as it feels like your stepping into a whole different world. Everything is different, from walking, driving, and even shooting. It’s not always harder, well somethings are, but shooting I feel is actually a little bit easier. I highly recommend that you check out some quality PVS 14 and give them a spin. Well the initial purchase can be expensive, it’s something that will never get old. I would check out TNVC. They offer payment plans too which can help make the dreams come true.


Flir is great. definetly brings a lot to the table. I use flir for locating and NV for getting positive identification.


Thank you


Thank you


Welcome to the forum Brother!

Me too!


Welcome @Mogas0311
Great to have you here & thank you for your service!!


Hello and welcome. Good to have you here!


Welcome to Full30! Glad to have you here.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30, Mogas0311 (Andrew).

Hope you enjoy it here.