New member.. How do we add channels? Upload our videos?


New member… any word on when we will be able to set up our own channels to upload videos? I am trying to move from Youtube to here…


Hi there, I’m a new member from Italy, I’m interested too…
How can I upload videos to migrate here from Youtube?


You can’t.

Uploading is by invitation only…

There are several threads on that topic just below.


Hi Guys,

We are working as quickly as possible to open up Full30 and allow anyone to create a channel. In the meantime, you can reserve your spot here:



Does Full30 ever read these forums. I’m new to these forums, and to Full30. Haven’t been able to view any videos yet, and haven’t seen any responses from Full30. I was really hoping Full30 would be a good gun friendly YT replacement, but can’t seem to get any help with even basic viewing of the content…
PS. A working app for android would be great. …


Hey OceanForce,

Sorry to keep you hanging on the reply. Since YT cracked down with their new gun polices we’ve been crazy busy keeping up with demand.

To answer your questions: Yes, we do read these forums, and yes we are working on an app that is supported by Android. Specifics are still TBD, but I’ll keep you posted as we know more.

Other than that, what other question(s) can I help you with?

Thank you, kindly



Hi Tom,

Thanks for your feedback.

I haven’t been able to bring up any of the videos. I’m logged in ok, but when I tap on the video image, no video starts up. I have an ASUS Zen pad and a Samsung Note 3 (prefer the older Notes because they have interchangeable batteries), both android based, and I typically use Firefox, and I can’t get either to work. I typically clear the cache daily on the Note because the memory is getting a little full. Occasionally I clear the cache on the Zen, but not nearly as frequently…

I appreciate what you guys are trying to do for the pro 2A community. Be nice to have a good alternative to YT, with all the features, or hopefully better, but without the underlying hatred for the 2A, and for that matter, the rest of the fundamental principles this nation was founded on…


Cell: 310-612-1288

Kevin Korff


Hey Kevin,

Shoot, sorry to hear about your trouble bringing up the videos. The technological side of the house isn’t my specialty, but I have passed this note to our tech guy.

I’ll keep you posted as I get more information from him.

In the meantime, if there is anything else I can help you with please message me directly on the forums, or shoot me an email:

Many thanks, good sir.


I was just send this email AND a second I will be forwarding to the person that sent that one… I am not either of these people! :slight_smile:



Nope, thanks for getting back to me… Look forward to when you are running full…



This site is a bust. We all should move on to other sites that support the 1st & 2nd amendments. now allows you to load videos, so does


I didn’t see mewe yet but your little profile post is a grin :yum:

I don’t dare click any of your videos, they have the appearance of things that can not be unseen, I don’t need that, but I appreciate the topics particularly relating to the Detroit invasion, disgusting.

And be Christian without the religion connotation is just accepting Jesus is the Son of God and came to earth in the flesh to die for your sins.

as simple as it gets, I hope you can embrace that and grow from there.

If not we’ll find alternatives :sunglasses: