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I’m new. I see more and more YouTubers who mention full30. There was some videos that I wanted to see so I went poking around and found some interesting forums instead… I never did find the videos I was looking for.

I’m actually new to firearms. I’m in CA which means I have to deal with the various laws which keep evolving. For personal reasons I started a few 80% projects (AR-15, 308) and may pick up more as those projects are completed.

My first pistol was a Ruger SR40C. I found it “challenging” to shoot. So I recently purchased a Browning Buck Mark (one of the few 22LR pistols on CA’s roster that I could try out before buying). I think I’m finally starting to improve in my basics of pistol firing but have a long way to go.

I do find 3-gun and other shooting competitions interesting. In particular, 3-gun style competitions seem particularly good for training in a practical (2A) sense. I’m hopeful to eventually go hunting with my brother but until I have the equipment and I feel competent then that will have to wait.

I’m hopeful to meet some people in the LA area who wouldn’t mind showing a newbie the ropes a bit.


Live 4 2A


Welcome @live42a
Great to have you here at Full 30!!!




Welcome to full30. Good to see more people in cali for guns!


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to Full30. We have lots of folks here that are happy to help. We were all noobs once upon a time.


Welcome from Texas


Welcome to Full30 forum @live42a Good to have you here. A lot of us left youtube, some by choice, some not so much.

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Welcome to the forum!!!


Hi Tactical_Reviews,

What’s a “content producer” versus what is a “podcast”?


A podcast is live.


Ahh… thanks for that.

I would like to produce content. What is the process to become a content producer? And is there a standard for the content that is required? I’m pretty much an amateur at video making and a newbie with firearms but thought some people might find themselves in my shoes if they are starting out and thus find my content attractive.


Welcome fellow CA gun enthusiast.
And I imagine we visit the same range… Angeles?


Welcome to full30


Competition matches are great for improving your fundamentals and learning gun safety. Your fellow competitors are a good source of information and most are happy to help newbies. The same is true for this forum. Welcome aboard!


Well, get active here and use the community channel to get started, It’s free to use for all forum members. Keep the topic firearms, hunting, outdoors, survival related. Once you get your feet wet and wish to have your own channel, just talk to me and we will see what we can do.


Welcome to the forum!



I’m a pretty horrible “marksman” and I am only practicing using my pistols at this time. So I’ve been staying indoors. I’ve been “touring” the ranges in the LA area… Sharp Shooters Southbay, LAX, The Target Range, the Firing Line and FT3 Tactical. Trying to decide if its worth driving further or paying more for a nicer range than my closest one. I have visited Oaktree… that place looks like a fun! But I haven’t made it out to Angeles yet. That is one I’d like to check out… perhaps soon. :slight_smile:


I have gone to LAX a bunch, same with the Target Range and Firing line in Northridge. Been to Oak Tree twice and Firing Line in Burbank once.

Angeles is my favorite. You should check it out for sure.


You’ve got some nice vids…

I’ll definitely check out Angeles… Hopefully I’ll see you at the range!