New Member say hello


Hello staff and members

Nofir55 from Houston Texas
Long time Youtube subscriber, new Full30 member.

Happy to be here


Welcome, make yourself at home, eat and drink all you want, just keep the fire stoked and coffee in the pot.


Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing & shooting well.


Just joined. Ex-Army.(short timer-ETS’d 28Oct’83. Ex- NRA Instructor. Rifle,Pistol,Shotgun, ML R,P,S. Taught a few BSA merit badge (Smallbore Rifle, SGun) classes years ago. Doorknocker volunteer for Conservatives, briefly, and political activist.
Rally for Liberty (Gun Stock!) in 1994 @ wash, DC. Ex-NRA,TSRA,GOA,JPFO,N Tex Arms Rights Coalition, Committee of
1776. Burned out, pissed off. Divorce 6 yrs ago nearly killed me. And, to top it off, $7K worth of Guns/Stuff ripped off in Jan.
Bad decisions have bad consequences. TMI, eh? sigh…


Hi, I came here to tick off anti-constitution liberals like YouTube, and watch gun videos!


Hello new member from Michigan. I’ve been involved in shooting and the outdoors for 34 years. I found this sight after everyone began making the move from YouTube. My primary interest are high power rifles and handguns with a little bit of shotgunning thrown in.



You must have the Judge?

edit, read that wrong

“handguns with a little bit of shotgunning thrown in.”

Thought you meant that like this


I see what you did there :grinning:


Welcome @28lx
Glad to have you here!


YouTube’s shinanagins have been a boon to Full30.
Glad to have you here. It’s a great group, you’ll love it here.


Welcome brother! Glad to have you here!


Welcome to full30!