New member saying goodbye to YouBoob


YouTube’s sudden attack on Tim’s (MAC’s) channel brought me here. One thing I wish you would offer: Dates on videos so I can tell if they are new or 8 years old. ???


YouTube has now banned almost all air gun channels, there could be a lot less pathways for shooting sports to post videos of any kind of gun…


Full 30 has to get ALL the older You boob vids over here. I personally avoid You boob as much as possible. I wont do business with anyone that doesnt support my God given rights.


We also need a Full 30 app for smart phones. It would also be nice to be able to comment on the videos.


Is this youtube policy against gun stuff a gradual thing?
I was on their web site just yesterday and there’s still plenty of gun videos there.


Youtube is deleting most gun related channels on April 15, 2018. They will be deleting the rest one by one so they don’t alarm people who are not paying attention.

BTW, this is all part of a larger plan. There is now a bill before congress to add a full 50 percent tax on all ammunition.

As you should already know, these “mass shootings” are all theater and are “Staged Atrocity Propaganda” being coordinated by the Department of Homeland Security’s National Exercise Division. Google that.


Glad to be among freedom loving brethren, not looking back.


I heard about this site from The Glock guy and I am so happy there’s an alternative to freedom of speech crushing YouSuck. I’m suggesting this site to all my friends.


Same here! We all need to move on from google, youtube, and facebook (though I don’t do social media myself).


Please inform your friends that the recent “mass shootings” have been faked by the Department of Homeland Security"s National Exercise Division.

What they are dong is “legal” and they intend to disarm you.

After that, they will destroy your 1st Amendment.

They are using DECEPTION techniques to do this.