New Member, saying hello

Hello. :wave:

What brought me here is probably the same thing that brought many other members - Youtube’s treatment of 2a and related channels.

Starting to get tiring even though I am tiny compared to the big boys.

So… here I am to join the like-minded people that enjoy gun related content and discussions.



Hi there fellow Calgunner and somewhat neighbor SFV/SGV.:grinning:

Hello, hello.
Neighbor indeed. Glad to be here.

Greetings and welcome!

Thank you very much.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you. Kind of quiet over here.

Hi everyone, same thing as others i suppose, being teleported here through hickok45 and/or other gun youtuber’s indications.
Most intertaining videos and usefull info that i follow over many years now, thanks to all you being there, keep up the good work.
Steve from Luxembourg, Europe

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Welcome to the forum. I am a new member as well.
We need more people to come over to Full30 forums

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I would love to. Still waiting for Full30 to let me upload.

Oh, sorry. Yes, I can post some pics


Hi! Great you are here!

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Welcome new people. Be sure to invite your friends.