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Greetings! I found this forum on Twatter. Just moved to Waukee, Iowa. Son & Grandson of LEOs. Former firefighter. NRA member, 35+ years concealed carry. My user name comes from my nickname ‘Copperhead’ given to me when I was a Corporal in Co. E 4th Missouri Infantry, CSA re-enacting Civil War battles in Springfield, MO. My carry choice is a Glock G23 Gen4 for summer, and a G22 Gen4 for open and Winter concealed. Twatter handle is @OldSmokeEater and I focus on a group we call the #BlueFamily. Our purpose is to support our brother and sister 1st Responders that suffer with PTSD. I am also host of a nightly prayer session were we pray for 1st Responders, active military, veterans, and others in need. We post prayers using #BlueFamilyPrays. Host account for the prayer sessions is @BlueFamilyPrays.


Welcome to Full30! We’re happy to have you.


Post up those Civil War photos/videos, love that stuff :+1:

We’ve got a Pastor or two lurking around I’m sure you’ll run across , er, a cross :latin_cross:



Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum Brother!




Welcome @copperheadcsa
Great to have you here at Full 30!!


Welcome to Full30! Glad you found us.


Welcome . My great great grandfather was killed in the battle at Wilson creek near Springfield.




Welcome to Full30 forum @copperheadcsa Good to have you here. Thanks for all you do to support first responders. They have a hard job, they see people at their worst, in pain, scared, and very upset. I’ve had a few experiences as the person at their worst. I still try very hard to remain positive.

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welcome from your northern cousin


My 4th great uncle was Brigadier General Lewis Armistead
And I am also related to Winfield Scott Hancock


Welcome brother FF


Thank you all for the kind welcome! Anyone interested in joining the #BlueFamily, The founder is @DetJoeLocus a former LEO. If you know of any current or former LEOs, FF, or Medics that may need help, please have them contact Joe or myself. Our prayer sessions are at 2000 hours Eastern time every evening. Any prayer requests can be send to me via Twatter DM or just post them using #BlueFamilyPrays. The pic is my last station assignment at Federal Way FD in King County, WA before I was medically retired due to a back injury suffered in a house fire. It’s been decades and I still miss it. Still looking for a local range to join so I can get back into regular training. Hate to go too long without tactical practice.


LOVE that Mack!!!
Brothers house 1980/1 IIRC


Nice bike! I thought my old dept was the only one with yellow apparatus. Here’s a couple more. My first assignment was on a beautiful 1962 C-125 in 1983. Our department was 100% Mack. Our HQ house had a 1974 CF-600 75 foot AerialScope.


Welcome to Full30 Forum, copperheadcsa (Todd).

Hope you enjoy it here.




Welcome to the forum. Glad to have someone with your experience here.