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Hello all,
New member here from Kentucky I was asked to share a little bit about me. So here you have it.
I have already been asked about my user name so I will go ahead and clear that up. It’s a nick name I picked up way back in high school that kinda stuck (my initials are RR, so Rsquare).

I am a Regional engineering manager for several office buildings, a Pastor of a small church, husband of 30 years, father of two girls, grandfather of one boy and one girl on the way.

I’m pretty new to handguns and self defense, been hunting most of my life (white tail deer, turkey, and some wild hogs) however mostly archery. Back in November I started noticing a common theme among victims of mass shootings. “We didn’t expect this”, “we weren’t prepared”, etc… so I decided to be prepared. So myself, and several members of my church have been going to at least one class per month (CCDW, first aid, trauma first aid, hand to hand combat, combat pistol, NRA range officer, etc… I also paid for anyone in my family that didn’t have a CCDW to take the course and get the license. I have Also been watching lots of videos and reading the posts on here. You all seem like a group of people I can learn from so I decided to join.

Sorry so long.


Welcome to Full30, good to have you here. We’re mostly a friendly bunch, well, some of us are a little, shall we say weird.


I picked up on that already from reading on here the past few months lol.


yes welcome and yes we are a friendly bunch but watch out /l\ him (Tac_Rev)


Thanks for the welcome.


Ahh, so you’re a lurker. We know the type.


Welcome to the forums! We’re glad to have you here.


Welcome @Rsquare great to have you here!


:joy: guilty as charged, I do a crazy amount of research before commuting to anything. It is a sickness I must admit.


Be sure to check out the video section as well, subscribe and enjoy.


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome - Happy to have you aboard! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.



Hide the booze!


Welcome Pastor!


Welcom Rsquare.
Good into. Some are too brief. Yours is just right. Not to long.

I guessed that maybe you just liked Pi(e)

But that’s really incorrect cuz
pie r round.
Cake r square


You’re being mean, to me. Haven’t had a drink in a month and a half and got another month and a half before I can even consider it.


You guys are cracking me up.


I did warn you.


were on the same wagon


Ya, the whole almost dying thing kind of made my wife more cranky.