Oliver North as next NRA President, Hillary is cheering…along with all the Anti-Gun people…A true Corruptible Liar…



Yeah, I am not an Ollie fan, despite him being pro gun.


What is the controversy you people are talking about?


It remains to be seen if he is Pro-Gun, apparently he agrees with the NRA’s support on Bumpfire stocks and will probably help negotiate more Infringements…You can’t trust a Marine Corp Officer who Violated every part of his Oath as an Officer…I think he should be in Prison…



look up on internet: iran contra scandal 1986



he has to be pro gun to be head of NRA. Surely, the NRA board understands that and made sure of that.

Regarding being in prison - actually, if he had gotten what he deserved, he probably would be out of prison by now, having served 10 to 20 years (if I have my math right).