New polymer gun failure to return to battery


I would like to hear some opinions on a new polymer gun that I have. After about 300 first rounds fired it failed to return to battery twice. I’ve cleaned it and oiled it but have yet to return to the range. My personal guess is that the chamber wasn’t properly polished and shooting a few more rounds out of it should fix it up. But I will take suggestions. Thanks.


What make and model? Whats it chambered in?


9mm, and do you really think make and model makes a difference?


9 out of 10 times it’s limp wristing which doesn’t allow the slide to come all the way back causing a weak return of the slide. Beyond that, check the feed ramp. Some guns like the Glock can have issues with the front end lifting and touching the slide. Another thing is do you have anything mounted on the lower Weaver rail? Because it’s plastic it can be compressed by over tightening the mount on the light or what ever.


Nothing mounted. And if I ever limp wrist a handgun, I will turn the damn thing on myself…don’t think I’ve ever done that in my life.


I’m also thinking it can’t be the slide touching anything because I imagine it would have happened more randomly. It failed to reach battery towards the very end of the 300 round count and basically within 5 or 10 rounds of each other.


Were the 300 rounds all the same brand.My Kahr will feed Winchester and Federal with no problems but Remington and some Hornady will fail to feed .


Make & model of weapon?


I would love to help, but due to lack of info of the operating system I am at a loss.
I guess is there any aftermarket parts on it?
Is the action roller delay, tilting lock, lock breech? Really any info would help.

Q: my car makes a funny noise, it goes rrrreeeerrrreeeerrrr! What is it?
AJ: what kind of car is it?
Q: I’m not telling you that!!!


I did switch brands for my last shots, to some cheap shit they have at the range.


Alright, I’ll give more details. It’s a Walther P99 Compact, factory new. All the mags used are factory as well.


Is it an AS model like this one? Or is it a different model?


Yep the exact model. Just the compact version.


When the firearm has a failure to go into battery does a light tap to the rear of the slide get the firearm back into battery?


Yeah, it was only out of battery by like 4mm.


As stated above I would have to look at it to tell you, but I would “and you may have already done this” clean the front and rear of the breech locking surfaces thoroughly with hoppe’s or slip 2000. Hoppe’s works better, but needs time- it is a solvent.

Also clean the opposing sides of the slide.


Yea it does. All brands build polymer pistols differently. Usually if its a new design there are growing pains along the way by knowing which system and how it functions we can narrow down the possibilities. Do you go into a mechanic shop and say your cars not running right and expect an answer before they look at it? There could also be a known design flaw, a recall or maybe a limp wrist is the issue? Do you got a sturdy grip or do you have floppy hands?


My Glock 19 went around 7k without being cleaned and had no issues. I lubed it every 500 rounds and it dripped nastier shit then Michelle Obama.


I believe it. I have had to work on a few Glock and believe it or not AK 47 that would fail to go into battery due only to carbon build up. Carbon is the best free dry lubricant there is, but if it builds up in the wrong place it causes problems.


Also please clean and pay close attention to the claw extractor area. This is another area I would clean thoroughly.