New “Red Flag” Gun Control Bills to be Introduced in Texas

So, we close institutions, feed people chemical lobotomy pills, give them a monthly check so they can sit around and play 1st person shooter games till their adrenaline runs out, and when these people commit monstrosities, we waive a red flag


Fuck these people.

Studies show that 98% of all warrants that police seek are approved by the courts. It has cost the accused upwards of $10,000 to get their gun rights back.

Regular folks don’t have that kind of money. But that’s the point I imagine.

The bill would go farther than family members reporting a gun owner for making threats. According to the bill evidence of substance abuse or the recent acquisition of firearms and ammunition would be grounds for firearms confiscation.


The Texas Republican Party has made the opposition of “red-flag” laws part of their party’s platform. With the Republicans in control of the Texas Legislature, it seems unlikely that this bill would reach Gov. Greg Abbotts desk.

If the bill somehow reaches Abbott’s desk, it would be highly unlikely that he would be willing to sign it into law. He has said won’t support a “red-flag” bill recently. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also says he will not support an ERPO law. Patrick controls the Texas Senate.

We are watching you republicans VERY CLOSELY. This better not pass.


say huh?

I must have read over that…


Scary eh?


Maybe when a state passes red flag laws we need to disarm the lawenforcment agency’s. Since they are such violent racist organizations.


“…the court proceeding is held in secret without the gun owner being able to defend themselves against the charges.”

Red flag laws WILL be abused, just like other property seizure laws. I find it ironic that these lawmakers, who swear to defend and uphold the Constitution, actually see the Constitution as a barrier to their agendas. This is a scary time for individual freedom.