New Shotgun - Great Idea or just Great Marketing?


If you like the idea of double-barrel shotguns, what about having 3 barrels? And, to make it more compact, making it hand held (and not shoulder mounted)?

Great idea? Or just great marketing?


Here is a picture of this new shotgun:

And, the specs:

In the world of home defense, the CD Defense Honcho Tactical Firearms provides you options. Defend with confidence.
SKU: 930.170
Type of Gun: Firearm
Caliber: 12GA-3"
Action: Break Open
Barrel Length: 18.5"
Chokes: none
Capacity: 3
Feeding: Manual
Trigger System: Single-NON Selective Mechanical Reset
Grips: Rubber Coated Walnut
Forend: Rubber Coated Walnut
Front Sight: Fixed Brass Bead
Sight: 8053800940481
Safety: Manual
Weight: 6 lbs
Length: 27"
Finish: Blued Receiver & Barrel
MSRP: $1,299.00
Material: Steel
Extraction: Manual
Notes: Firing Sequence - Right, Left, Top


Not really a new idea. But break action weapons are about as simple as they come. Less parts, less problems.


Neither is 3 barrels


1.2k for a honcho…not happening. Chippa arms maybe.



Yeah, it is a little pricey. I checked on their website and found other shotguns in pump action - configured like Mossberg’s Shockwave - for around $300. Maybe not as intimidating as a 3-barrel shotgun, but probably about as effective - and at one-fourth of the price.