New to forum


Hello all! I have been on Full30 over a year, but new to the forum.
Retired airline pilot. Former FFDO. Former fighter pilot (USAF).
Live in central FL. Member of Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club.
Enjoy getting my neighbors excited about firearms!



That can be done in various ways!

Thanks for the re-intro!


Welcome to Full30 @AquaRaptor Good to have you here. Seems to be a lot of people that have been to Full30 but didn’t know about the forum. It’s been a here a while but didn’t start picking up until a few months ago.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Welcome @AquaRaptor
Great to have you here at the Forum and thank you for your service!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome aboard @AquaRaptor tell us a bit about yourself
We don’t bite
Not hard anyways


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum and thanks for bringing others into the 2a lifestyle!


Welcome and thank you for your service! Aqua raptor sounds like a PJ nick name


Welcome to full30! Thank you for your service!


Welcome to the forum!!!


Welcome to Full30! Thanks for re-introducing yourself. And thank you for your service.


Festus, no, but I totally respect those guys as they were there to save my ass (thankfully not necessary) as an F-4 driver!


Flying those must have been pretty awesome.


Thanks for your service, and welcome to the community.


Welcome to the forum Brother.


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, AquaRaptor.

Thank you for your service.

Nice to have another Floridian here. I am one, too.


Welcome back, hopefully you stick around and post some.


Welcome to Full30…:airplane: