Bottom right


please post any issues

Hello from Ontario Canada.
Why we need to be armed, best video I've seen on it

a wtf and click later
only issue is the non-compliant not paying attention to where they are sending their new post to.


Sounds like you mean having to select a category,

that was implemented a week or two back in an attempt to not load up the general category


aside from the where’d it go likely experienced a few times this should be glitch free

(I hope)


Noticed it right away, very neat.


Bottom right where?
Don’t see no new topic anything anywhere.


it’s there but only when not in a thread


It’s there but I don’t really like where it’s at. It blocks the threads . But what ever I don’t post that many new threads.


Please move the create new topic link at the top of every category. It is maddening to have to scroll to the very bottom just to find this on my PC. In very largely populated categories scrolling takes days.

Right here is a perfect place for it that can utilize existing empty space and not upset the theme.

The irony is on mobile devices the create topic button/link is still there at the top…


You missed one in your own screenshot

Since its not been widely reported as a complaint/issue, is 22 days old, does have the highlighted yellow secondary option above


since you have 75 topics created in 9 months I have to expect this maddening issue may be a teeny bit over dramatic

Now, what I would like help with is understanding how you have to scroll at all?

Its set to display at the lower right corner without scrolling, if your view of open carry does not look like this please post a screenshot


No, because I’ve been using my phone to post new topics lately because of this issue and my increased PC usage over mobile. Assumptions aren’t cool like our parents taugh us. :+1:

That’s after holding the page down key until all topics showed up to even display that link. I’ll post a picture next time I am in front of my computer. Or maybe not since as you pointed out I’m the ONLY one who apparently has a problem. :neutral_face:

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