New U-Loader by Podavach LLC

Greetings everyone!
We are happy to meet you all.
I represent Podavach Company - the fast-growing company that manufactures the world’s first multi-platform magazine loader - Podavach. We manufacture high-quality magazine speed loaders for AK and AR15 magazine types which supports 6 calibers: 5.56×45mm, .223, 300 BLK, 7.62×39mm, 5.45×39mm and 6.5 Grendel.

In 21st century Podavach Loader fixes the problem of reloading by fingers.

Podavach allows you to:
Load AK and AR magazines quickly in 15 sec.;
Load with one hand or wearing gloves;
Load dozens of magazines without losing speed and strength.

Fits all types of AK and most of AR15 magazines;
Has high-quality finishing that makes it totally waterproof and durable;
Pusher is held by magnet which excludes the possibility of it being lost;
20.000 loaded magazines warranty;

And more:
Lighter than a loaded mag (1.23 lbs/0.60 kg.);
Has useful ergonomic handles;
Engraved ammo quantity indicators;
6 rubber feet protect loader from sliding;
Easy to load on the table as well as on the knees;

This is a first multi-caliber loader on market. It has been battle tested and endorsed by Ukrainian soldiers on the front line, polygons and shooting ranges.

Production is conducted in Kiev, Ukraine:

Here is our website, where you can read additional info and place an order-*
The wholesale price of loaders depends on the final quantity, terms, and shipping costs.
Shipping cost $15 per one loader delivered to USA

Feel free to contact me for more information.
Also we are interested in your opinion about bench loaders as a category? What loader do you prefer and why?


I’m looking forward to trying one out.


Welcome, and very COOL


That looks pretty awesome! If my southern bell ever fails to quit loading up my 30 round mags, I’m buying this! :wink:


Thanks,we are glad to be here. We`ll start activities soon. Stay here. )


Oh! Great you are here! I own v.6.3 “Fury”. Thank you for the great quality.


Dear, Full30 community.
Greetings from Podavach!
We are happy to be here with all of you! From now we are setting up the constant promo code " Podavach_loads_full30 " only for members.
Please use it on our site to get your 7% discount!

Also, reply this thread to stay in touch with the latest news from Podavach LLC.


I’ll definitely use the promo code. I`ll present it to my neighbor, who has a birthday next week. Nice gift you know.


I have been aware of your product for a few years now, and without going down the political rabbit hole too much I’m not buying anything made in Ukraine. Besides, we have excellent if not superior bench loaders Made in USA, so as far as I’m concerned there is no market demand. Only in rare cases (when our own industry is lacking in a certain area) do I consider something foreign.

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@minuteman Thanks for your reply and your opinion. The product which is the US made is closer to american patriots and it is logical. Otherwise, Podavach loader is the only one, which supports AR15 and AK platforms, neither american loader does. Our company which has already sold thousands of loaders and entered Swiss, Polish, German and the USA market received tons of positive reviews. Our mission is to provide the best firearm accessories for every country worldwide. Working hard on every model, giving fabulous finishing for our customers. We are currently working with a great amount of the US dealers and companies trying to make an effective international team. Our company makes the market to move forward with best price and quality.


Good for you but I have zero use for any AK related stuff :slight_smile:

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Greetings, members.
Great news from Podavach LLC!
Our beautiful rifle racks are back in stock in the USA.

Grab one here at
Or just write PM to me.


I like those a lot. Would be great for podcasts and shows. I may need to get one or three.


@Robert @PRODAV



Today we’re writing you to proudly present the result of our 3-years zealous work.
Introducing you the final and the best version of our universal AR15 + AK magazine loader - “U-LOADER”.

What’s new:

  • New trending design;
  • New product types: Basic, Tactical and Limited edition.
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Overall quality improved;
  • Solid geometric shape;

U-LOADERS are currently available in 2 colors: Natural Wood and Solid Black.
Tactical (camouflage) loaders will be in stock in 3 weeks.

Get U-LOADER now! Use this code GET-U-LOADER to get $10 off.
Order here >>


I really like that rifle rack.


We are prepearing a batch to the USA. So they are gonna be back in stock soon.


Our beautiful rifle racks are ready to be ordered and delivered.

Use promo code Podavach_loads_full30 and pick up your 7% discount.
Place an order here: Magazine Speed Loaders for AR-15, AK47, Glock | Podavach Store


Just wanted to share the real beauty of Podavach U-Loader with our community.
This is fantastic quality and lifetime warranty.

U-LOADER is made of Baltic Birch Plywood

This is the first Universal loader.

Magnificent design.