New User of the Month Acceptance Speech


Allow me to begin by expressing my deepest gratitude for this esteemed honor. But, as any successful endeavor, it was not achieved solely on my own.

First off, fast food restaurants, for their absurd ketchup policy, without which I would have posted something else as my first post.

To my business, for being slow enough to allow me to BS on the internet all day while I wonder what trash can I’m going to have to eat from, today.

To Al Gore, obviously, with no internet, I could not internet.

To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for your complete disregard for logic and sense of thinking before speaking.

To @TacticalUnicorn1776, for promising his support, then disappearing completely.

And, who can forget @captainbeard and @Robert, for their constant sexual advances.

@RogueGunnWorks you’re better than me. And I’m still jealous. Lol

And, finally, @TacticoolSasquatch1776, who would have gotten a much better mention if she hadn’t text me bragging about being New User of the Month before she knew I was the other one. :rofl:

Jokes aside, thanks to all of Full30 for giving me the opportunity to spout the crazy :poop: that pops into my over-active brain to the entire gun community. There aren’t enough beers to go around (No, seriously, I’ve ran out, before).

To every one I missed, thanks for letting me join the fun. I look forward to all the interesting and entertaining threads to come. :beers:

(Diplomacy complete. Back to shenanigans! :man_superhero:)


Congratulations! I have no doubt you will do your damnest to dishonor & tarnish this prestigious award! Great to have you here to help livin up(or drive the final nail in the coffin) of this wonderful forum.


Nice but next time screw diplomacy. Middle fingers and vulgar memes seem alot more honest, tbh.


Just don’t get a big head over it and forget about all us little folk.


found the sights for your next rifle


Where do they sell those?


That may be the greatest speech I’ve ever heard :joy: :joy:


The irony there is you two were selected by the @system

man I hate the system


Really? That’s funny. I thought it was you. Aren’t you “the system?”



We are the system.


Ooh! Ooh! Can I be Neo? I mean, I don’t care all that much about The Matrix. But, it got him into John Wick. And, having someone else pay for me to go to Taran Tactical just sounds like the bee’s knees. The bee’s…knees…


:star_struck: hooray!!!


Hey, congratulations and Welcome to the club. That goes for @TacticoolSasquatch1776, too.


Cool avatar, buddy. Have you found a Bigfoot yet? I live in the PNW and have not managed to find any.


not only has Sasquatch been found…but she’s a chick.:footprints::girl:


All of them? Sounds like an emotional race.


Sexist…how dare you call us “emotional”! I NEED A SAFE SPACE!!


She is… She’s a complete emotional dumpster fire. And, she has guns.


She’s crying right now because I called her emotional.


Is that what happened to the male bigfeet?