[New Video] Shooting from Fixed Positions with a Rifle, Like a Barricade

Shooting offhand is not the most accurate way to shoot, the human body simply can’t hold a rifle perfectly steady without support like that. When we’re shooting several hundred yards, or even at a small target at a hundred yards, being perfectly steady is critical. This is why we want to use support as often as possible.

This video goes over various techniques on how to maximize the support given to us by physical objects.


Good stuff Brian. I use this technique sometimes at the range to discover the difference between my offhand and stable shooting on target. It’s a skill we all should practice, especially around the house for HD scenarios.

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Using bits and pieces of this technique is definitely completely valid in a home defense situation. Especially if you’re in a defensive position pointing a rifle at the door waiting 20min for police to show up. The key to these techniques, be it self defense or competition, is being able to get in and out of them quickly.

It’s also something that can be easily (and cheaply) practiced at home through dry fire!

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I’ve been doing that for years in deer stands with shooting rails. I will also use that on a small tree on the ground. I grab the handrail and tree to hold it up.


I concur. Skills like these are all tools we all need to put in the toolbox. :+1:

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