Newbie fr8 in the United kingdon


I am just waiting for my fr 8 to come back from the gunsmiths, I am having a scope mounted, can anyone give me some advice on reloading for this gun, I will be shooting at 100 & 300 yards, thanks in advance


I haven’t reloaded in many years, still have a few thousand rounds loaded for a 308 tho. A FR8 is a rifle I have always wanted, maybe someday, but still have over 10 new weapons I have never shot, so can’t see buying more.


I reload for my .357 henry big boy, but as yet I have not loaded in .308, so I was looking for any advice, any thing you have really, powder weight, bullet weight anything will do, shooting here in the uk is very much NOT encouraged, therefore reloading info is difficult to come by


All I remember is I used IMR 4895, for my M1 Garand, and loaded to whatever the military loading was. Adjusted for 165 and 180 grain bullets. I didn’t have anything else to do at the time, and hand weighed each load as close to the same weight each time, adding or removing a single grain to make the scale balance where I thought it should be. Used a Lee safety powder scale. Sold a few hundred rounds a few years ago, and the guy said it was the most accurate rounds he had ever shot.


Thanks, Semper Fidelis


Study a good reloading manual and choose a powder that is relatively low in pressure, and use the starting load. I chose 748 for my Ishapore Enfield in 7.62 for that reason. I use an RCBS mic to monitor my brass size and set my resizing die to work the brass as little as possible. Wear good ear protection for shooting that short barrel!


I got her back from the gun Smith, and I cannot wait to take down to the range