Newbie from Bayou Country


Just joined after learning of the site from a firearms forum.

Hi, All!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome! I knew a fellow from somewhere that way He said he was a registered coona$$ ,Lol ,had forearms the size of oaks from training horses.


Thanks, festus. Yep, I’m in St. Tammany Parish. Shoot at Honey Island range.

Great ti be welcomed!



Welcome to Full30! We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to seeing what you have to share with us! Thanks so much for joining our fight for 2a rights,and please let us know how we can help with your fight too.


Welcome to the forum Bayou52! Glad to have you here Brother!


Thanks, Guys.

I’ve been perusing the topics and find them most interesting.

All the Best -



Welcome @Bayou52 glad to see you here with us!


Welcome @Bayou52!

Glad you made it to Full30 :+1:


Welcome to Full30…:handshake:




Welcome to the forum @Bayou52 not sure how I missed you, but got you now.


Welcome to the forum!



Don’t forget to post up some pics of your stuff that goes bang!


OK, I see what you’re doing @Mister_Torgue


I don’t know what you speak of. :thinking:


Welcome to the site


Don’t forget about .22lr firearms!


Oh yeah, the Spray Panted firearms thread is a good one too: