Newbie from Monroe, WA

I have heard a lot of positive comments from buddies so had to jump on to check it out.

Good evening to all and I look forward to reading comments and learning from you.




The first thing you need to learn is that the government is using Staged Atrocity Propaganda to try to achieve their objectives. The mass shootings of late have been faked. They are being coordinated by FEMA’s National Exercise Division along with partner agencies such as the FBI, CIA and State and local governments.

They are well funded and have actors and actresses on staff.

BTW, the use of Staged Atrocity Propaganda is “LEGAL”.

So there is nothing you can do about it - except demand that it be outlawed.


I’m new as well @SIC. welcome aboard. I also came over to @full30team because I’ve heard good things from some folks I followed on YouTube. I will follow the way of the guns.:grin:…marv1911

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Welcome, SIC and Marv1911.

Lots of choices for discussion - mostly guns, some political, some other topics.


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John. SIC left April 3rd and Marv left April 12 probably thanks to the political shit and MISO. :neutral_face:

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Thanks for the update. That’s unfortunate that they left.

We really need to tone down the politics. Too much heat and not enough guns!