Newbie here


Got an invite from Tactical_Reviews and thought I’d join in.
Served 22 years in the US Army before retiring. I’m currently training to become a school bus driver.
Somewhere along the line, I decided I liked guns.
A few years ago, I started adding subscriptions to my youtube page. Now youtube is becoming a lefty wasteland.
I do plan to continue adding to my collection. but I may have to resort to only buying out of state or only buying 80% lowers. I live in Washington and some of the people want to apply California-level anti-gun laws here. I-1693 scares me.


Welcome to full30 man!


Welcome @TomRedlion
Great to have you here! Thank you For your service!!!


Welcome, Im in Northeast Oregon right by the Columbia river, ive been hearing some horror stories from Washington regarding gun bills. I used to go shooting over in Tri cities all the time but your politicians scared me away lol


Yeah. 1639 would, unless I’m completely misremembering/misinterpreting something, ban anyone from out of state from entering Washington and buying a gun. Or at least a semi-auto.


Their pushing an AWB too, right?


Welcome to Full30 forum, TomRedlion.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to Full30! Thank you for your service. I hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to the Forum and thank you for your service!


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum, Thank you for your service and as John boy and Billy would say “Keep Em Straight Up There”


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Thank you for your service, and a warm welcome to the forum.

Stay strong and fight the liberal leftist cancer of gun control


Thanks for your service and welcome from another new guy!



TR gets more credit? :sunglasses:

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Welcome! I’m in Maryland so I feel ya on the restrictions.



Welcome Sir, thanks for you service.