News from Deep Blue Maryland this morning


Cops shoot armed man as they attempt to confiscate firearms on new “red flag” protective orders law.


Thank goodness those police protected him! /s


And so it begins…


Draconian garbage
This is the kind of response you can expect from most gun owners when they try to confiscate firearms unconstitutionally
Get ready folks once it starts it doesn’t end


Should not have happened :anguished:


This is BULLSHIT & DOWNRIGHT MURDER!!! I’ve got too much invested & it’s my rights to possess guns for protection or whatever I want! I will never comply with illegal laws or seizure! I may go down in the process , but I won’t be going alone!!!


You have to understand that md is trying to have the tightest most restrictive gun laws in the country
While there is some good people that live there
Most are uptite pretentious liberals who drink the blue kool aid
The audacity of the state legislature that allows any citizen to put a red flag in any gun owner that allows them to confiscate there firearms is unconstitunal
The media will be blasting a left veiw if this forbthe next few days here


"citing the law, which states anything related to an order is confidential unless ruled otherwise by the court." so it is a secret jack booted kick to the door.


That is written in a way that gives the impression they WANT resistance.


The more resistance
The easier it is for them to blind the sheep with horror stories about how we are radicalized



Md is a demoncrap ruined and broke state.

Confiscation is just around the corner in dnc ruined states.


EQuinn, et al:

Actually, Florida has a similar law recently enacted and has served it on over 90 people last I heard.

Very scary stuff!


In their minds this will be validation that the law worked and that he was dangerous


Ageeed but you understand and have seen what goes on there more than most
There laws are slowly trickling this way towards us



you may well be correct, but that is so very sad if true

I suppose anyone of us here would be more than upset if law enforcement officers showed up at our door to take away (by force) our guns. Adding to that, the uncertainty of ever seeing our guns again after that and the certain headaches to follow trying to get them back. Tell me again - who were the idiots that thought this power given to the government is/was a good thing ?

and exactly how is this deemed constitutional?


Oh yeah, I try to avoid Maryland at all cost. Unfortunately they have been dumping people in northern va for years changing a very red state to purple.


The govt knows that they know what is right for us :grin: even found a way around that whole pesky due process just to protect us from ourself.



yeah, Ronald Reagan is famous for (among other things) a saying he had:

“I am from the government and am here to help” (or something like that)

most dreaded words / dangerous words / can’t remember exactly, but accurate


Here is the actual quote:

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.
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