NFA and the ATF


Just had a nice talk with an ATF Agent…I wanted to know process of turning in a NFA item, namely a SBR and found out I don’t have to de-mill or turn in Receiver…I can just add a 16 or longer barrel and no ppwk required. The item I have Stamp for is 10.5 AR15 SBR, Agent said item will always be on the NFA registry even if it is no longer a SBR, naturally if I wanted to sale as is it would require buyer to acquire Stamp before taking possession. I also asked him if I could put a 7 inch barrel and a Arm Brace on it making it a non-NFA pistol and he said Yes, I could configure it either way as long as the reconfigure did not make it fall under NFA rules, he said since it was already registered it did not really matter how I changed it…does that sound right to anyone on here who is a NFA Dealer ???


No. I don’t see any logic there. So I’m sue its correct info. :pensive:


Funny, Agent said he thought most of it was a pain, but he had to enforce it…he said most of it he disagreed with…


Here was my original plan, I was going to take my SBR and put a Dolos quick release 7.5 300 Blackout barrel on it with a Law Tactical folding mechanism with a SB Tactical arm brace for a package I could carry in a laptop bag…I did not want to buy everything new so I decided to use the SBR I have for rest of the necessary parts…looks like I will now go ahead and do it…


I went ahead and ordered the Dolos/Law Tactical kit from Copper Custom…picking up a SB arm brace tomorrow, we will see how it comes together and performs…