Nice to meet you all


Thanks to YouTube I have a new opportunity to meet like minded people


Hey there. What do you shoot?


mostly 10mm, 9mm, 5.56 & 308, but have several other calibers as well.


or… G40, G17, M&P15 & M&P10


Cool. Me- g19,pps m2,xde all 9mm. 22-250 cutsom made.Wife has ppk/s.22.


Welcome mate! Seems this place is starting to get some life in it.

Working on my collection now, I started way too late in the game. Mostly been focusing on 9mm pistols/carbine, mil surps and building my own AR. Tomorrow I’m selling my Kel-Tec PMR-30 after a horrible range visit yesterday with it. Utterly unreliable…should of listened to the reviews! Cool, but unreliable. Cannot have an unreliable firearm in my house! Probably going to trade it in for a Taurus Judge or .357/.38sp snubnose. Depends on what tickles my fancy more…and .45LC tickles it pretty good. …eh sounded dirty but you get what I mean.


Welcome, bogstew.

Out of those calibers you mentioned, I only have the 9 mm (Walther PPS M2, among others).

Still, the calibers and guns you mentioned - good stuff.