Nice to meet you all!


Hey y’all.

My name is Bryan and I am from Austin TX… I was invited to the forum last night by Chris from @suppresornation_chris on instagram.
I’m a knife maker by trade and a gun enthusiast by choice. Big fan of NFA anything and suppressed everything.

I look forward to contributing to the community.


Knife pics or it didn’t happen :grin:


Welcome aboard
Feel free to join our discussions

Tommorow go stand in line at Franklin bbq and get me some brisket




Welcome to Full30, glad you could make it. Hope you enjoy.



Come on man… to much good BBQ in the world to stand in line for 4 hours. I have a few places that can give Franklins a run for its money.


Pecan lodge is good too
But I love franklin
Every time I’ve been to Austin I wait in line
I can’t help it



Hey man. More power to you. I’ve done it a time or two myself. Take some chairs and some beer and its not a bad way to spend an afternoon.


Those are awesome, is there an 80% kit to start with ?


Welcome to Full30, dwid13.

A lot of us here love both guns and knives.


Welcome to the Forum Bryan.


Not a bad idea actually… But no. Someone else made the steel though. So i guess its a 10% kit.


Welcome to Full30 forum @ Good to have you here. Be sure to check out the knife thread. Knife Life and The Sharp Obsession

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Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Those blade’s with guns just look so naturally at place with each other! Welcome to the forum!


Thanks y’all! Very excited to be a part of the group. Special thanks to @suppressednation for the invite.


Knives and guns man… cant beat that!