Nikon Monarch Binoculars

Back in 2009 I purchased a brand new pair of ‘Nikon Monarch Binoculars’ specifically for archery hunting and they weren’t cheap.

About a month ago while going through all my hunting gear, I notice that my binoculars had a blurry spot within the right eye center portion. No matter how much I tried to clean and/or try to focus them, I couldn’t get them to focus perfectly no matter what I did.

So I quickly got online afterwards, straight to Nikon’s website. I read about their warranty regarding their binoculars. I recalled when I bought mine at the time, I did register them on their site for the warranty.

Then I grabbed my phone and gave Nikon’s 1-800 # Customer Service a call.

I explained my situation to the CS Rep. She looked up my model & serial number, then explained to me what Nikon can do. She suggested that I ship mine back to Nikon with the provided service order number that she gave me both over the phone and via email. She also mentioned that it could possibly take up to 10 weeks for either the repair, or an equivalent replacement.

I went ahead and shipped them as soon as I got off the phone with her about four weeks ago.

Just moments ago, an unexpected arrival of our UPS man stopped in and he handed me a small package.

Oh-Boy, guess what?

:scream: WOW!! :star_struck: Oh-yeah!!!

I now own a brand new beautiful pair of ‘Nikon Monarch Binoculars’ at absolutely no cost!

Sure Awesomeness! :+1:



Awesome! They say what was wrong with the ones you sent in?

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Nope, didn’t say a thing or sent me a follow up email. The new ones just showed up.

I’m not complaining. These are far better and more expensive than my old ones.


That worked out well!


Never had any problems with Nikon products in the past really or have complaints with their customer service. I have a few hunting products and cameras that are Nikon.


I have a small Nikon monarch 10x42 as well I bought for Leica binos w/ built in range finder are a little big to carry sometimes. Though if something happens to them I’m out a shit load of $$$ lol


Nikon makes decent optics. I’ve got their binoculars, rangefinder, & at least 6 scopes.


Me too - good stuff :+1:

That’s why I thought I should share my experience that I had with them right here in case anyone else was interested in or considering any of the Nikon products.


Oooh look Carlos Estevez memes…


I went out and started target practicing with my bow. While doing so, one of my dogs started chewing on my Nikon ProStaff 550 Rangefinder that I placed on the ground to mark my yardage while I was shooting.

Obviously Nikon makes a doggy chew proof rangefinder too :laughing:

Yep, I yelled at’em for taking my rangefinder…


Lmao, glad they are safe. Don’t think Nikon will warranty “chew toys”