NM MILSURPS Match - 800 meters

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August 28, 2021 Shooting Match will be ‘800 Meters’

20 rounds with 3 sighting in rounds allowed.

The positions the shooter wishes to shoot at will be left to their discretion which would be prone supported or un-supported, kneeling, sitting or offhand. Table/Bench type shooting may only be used by members/guests who cannot shoot from the other positions due to health conditions.

A front rest, sand bags, etc. can be used for the prone supported firing or Table/Bench of which only the forearm of the firearm can be laid upon them. The usage of rear resting bag or sandbags to support the buttstock will not allowed to be used.

Targets to be used:

AR 500 steel target cut out in the form of human silhouette (21" x 43"). The human silhouette will be painted in black paint.


A direct hit on the target will be scored as one point; a miss or ‘Alibi’ (unused) rounds that were not fired during each course of fire will be scored as a zero.

All scores will confirmed by the use of a spotter and scorer.

Firearms to be used:

All The firearms that NM MILSURPS members will use in the monthly match competitions shall be unmodified, originally configured, surplus military service firearms (single-shot, bolt-action or semi-automatic) that were or that still are issued in all the world’s standing armies. The firearms themselves must be ones that were issued to ordinary soldier who used these firearms in the various armies in both the past and present. The iron sights must be the original style as issued on the firearms, which does not include in any aftermarket, target, match adjustable sights or micrometer sights as these were not issued to the ordinary soldier.

Give me a holler if you’re interested.

Match will be held at Albuquerque’s Shooting Range Park.

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The match is being held at the Albuquerque Shooting Range Park off Atrisco Vista Rd.

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