No Automatic Citizenship to Military Babies Born Overseas

If I’m reading the article right, sounds like they changed the policy so that kids born to American military and government parents serving overseas no longer get automatic US citizenship. They will have to go through the process of applying for naturalization. I’m guessing the naturalization application may also include the $725 naturalization fee.

Now, I understand the Administration’s stricter enforcement of current immigration laws, especially against criminal aliens, overstays and aliens who enter without inspection (illegals). But I don’t understand the reason behind the change in policy in this case. I find it insulting to and demoralizing for troops and government workers sent overseas to serve our country.

Now, I admit bias as a former military dependent who moved around as a kid from military base to military base. Although I was fortunate to be born on US soil, I met a few other kids at military bases who, through no fault of their own, happened to be born at overseas military hospitals, such as in Japan or Germany.

This new policy makes no sense to me.


^ That is pretty much the crux of it for me. This does indeed make no sense.


I could “Maybe see it” IF 1 of the parents were a foreign national, but to US Citizens? I believe that would be unconstitutional


The policy doesn’t appear to disqualify them from applying for naturalization. It appears that under the old policy, US citizenship was recognized automatically and there was no need to go through all the paperwork and fees associated with a naturalization application. Now, it seems like the US parents will have to go through the same, tedious red tape and fees associated with government immigration applications just because they chose to dutifully serve our country at an overseas duty station (foreign embassy or military base, for example).

Personally, I think this is a bad policy and political decision and serves no purpose or national interest.


Naaaa… it might be a play to reduce the number of ROK dependopotomus, codependents ride a baby train back to the great PX on the back of a dumbass private.


:rofl: yep



Now THIS makes sense.


Ok, so this clarifies things a bit more:

Apparently, the new policy applies only to non-US citizen troops or government employees who have kids born while stationed overseas. I’m guessing these would be troops/workers who are lawful permanent residents (greencard holders). It doesn’t appear to apply to US citizen troops/workers whose kids are born while serving overseas. That makes more sense.


That’s how I read it as well. If both parents are US citizens and the child is born abroad, it is also a citizen. If either parent is not a citizen, the the child has to apply for naturalization.