No longer relevant


I wish I had these back.
4" Python.
Early 80s CAR 15
Gen 3 45 colt SAA
Colt 1911 ( pre- A1)
6" Smith 29-3 , nickeled with presentation case
Ruger no.1, .257 Roberts
Collection of Winchester model 12’s
Winchester 70, 30 gov’t '06
Swedish M-96
Luger P-08
There’s more but I’m too bummed out to continue.


I owned one of the original folding sub machine guns like the one used in Robo Cop2 and like an idiot sold it.

I did not even keep good video or pictures of it, only this video.


The MP5 in the video was also sold off but I don’t really miss it since I like my Swedish K much better and if I ever want to shoot a MP5 again there will always be one at any machine gun shoot.


I would have been too bummed to continue afterjhthe 4" Python.