No more Levi’s either


Levi Strauss Doubles Down on Gun Control, Partners With Everytown for Civilian Disarmament

Anti 2A business list


They’ve been that way for a while.

We need a FULL30 list cause it’s getting out of hand!


I buy Wranglers, F Levi’s. Wranglers are better made anyway.




I love 5.11’s new jeans.

Damn good pants. Gives you close to cargo pants capacity, but they don’t look like cargos. Stretchy, comfortable, and durable.


This is like losing a childhood friend.
I’ve worn almost nothing but Levi’s since Jr. High.
God I miss bell bottoms. (Kidding)


I don’t wear jeans, I wear 511 tactical


Same here



They’re a decent pant, but way over priced. $69.99 jeans is ridiculous. Hell, $39.99 jeans are ridiculous. American Eagle NE(X)T Flex jeans, which are just as durable and stretchy (if not a little more) than 5.11 MSRPs for $49.99 and in-store you can usually find them around $26.99. You’re only lacking the two magazine pouches tucked around the hips and have front pockets that are actually deep enough to put a cell phone.


I’m wondering if this is what my wife was telling me about just the other day cause her father (also CCW gun owner) recently bought some new jeans and mentioned to my wife that I should get a pair see if I like them.

Regardless, I’m in the market for a few new pairs and I like the looks of these. I’ll find out later what my father-in-law went with and report back later.

Thanks for sharing these!


Are you blocking out your wife cuz it’s almost hunting season? Lol


I disagree with that statement.

Quality, detail oriented, long lasting design and material has a price tag to it. I’m sure they do have a little bit of the “5.11” brand name markup on it, but not much IMO. The “magazine pockets” are actually one of my favorite design features of the pants as it’s where I keep my wallet so I don’t have to sit on it in my back pocket and fuck up my back alignment.

I don’t buy cheap pants anymore - they never last long enough.

I’d rather spend twice the price, get more comfort and over twice the lifespan out of my pants. 5.11 does that for me, other pants brands I’ve tried don’t do that for me. I have been meaning to try out Duluth’s jeans though - I have some cargo shorts of theirs and like them.

They get a big thumbs up in my book. I wear them daily. They’re super comfortable, no signs of fading or tearing, and I LOVE the pockets on them. I don’t even see any signs of my pocket knife clip wearing on them yet - and that’s usually the first sign of wear on pants/shorts.


Im bringing the loin cloth back.


Do it.


How long have you owned your oldest pair of 5.11 pants? I’m curious how much ‘longevity testing’ you’ve, personally, done with this product. I own several, but have only owned them (about) 6 months. Time will tell if they last ‘long enough’.


Somebody beat me to it



You can say I have her trained :laughing:

She knows it’s about that time of year where she doesn’t get to see me hardly or get much of my attention.

Late in the evening is usually a game of catch up with each other.

Been that way for about half of our marriage now.

There’s been a few years where I got my season out of the way early.

This year looks :ok_hand: so far

It may just happen again.:crossed_fingers:

We shall see :eyes:

I try my hardest to be done by her birthday, which nearly falls on the rut every year around here, November 12th.


My 5 11 pants are as old as 5yrs.still fair condition. Little faded, fabric doesn’t repel liquid as well as new. that could partially be my fault though, you’re not supposed to use fabric softener to wash, i have slipped up and done so


I bought my first 5.11 pants in 2015. They’re still solid - though my waistline grew too much for them… so I had to switch to a newer pair that allowed for my growing old man gut.