No more support, Mac.


Do not do this. It is for entertainment purposes only!

Hey everyone. I have a pocket prybar that broke.

Being that it’s MAC tool it has a life time warranty, but we haven’t seen a MAC tools dealer at our shop for two years now.
So I have to build a handle. Let’s check what I have for stock.

Ok! Let’s do some quick measuring.

Remove the pry bar from the handle.

Ok so the bar is .126” and the handle should be 2.660” x .640”.
For this handle I want something that can bend a little with out breaking, so I’m going with ptfe & Teflon. You can commonly find this as H.D.P.E.

Started to cut a taper, but I knew this would happen. I center drilled with a 1/8 drill bit “.125” so we can have some interference fit.

Installed the live center for added support.

Cut to final diameter.

There are a few ways to cut a radius. I found this little gem on eBay.
If you have patience you can still find good American tooling.

Cut your radius to match your handle.

You can see here with about 40 lbs of force you can bend the handle a little.

Hopefully this helps in the handle not cracking, and if I don’t like it I can always make one out of Delrin.

Part your handle.

Wrap with tape and turn it 180 in the 4 jaw and re-center your part.

Cut a radius on the back to match your handle.

Install the pet bar into the handle.

I wanted to cut some flats on the handle like the original. I grabbed a 5/32 E40 collet.

You can clearly see I really need to make some machinists jacks. The wood stack just looks sad.

A little rough, but it worked. Now for a pocket clip.
I shortened an old broken spyderco clip.

Drilled some holes and installed screws.

Remember be safe and have fun.


Well done, however, I would have cut off the broken part, drilled a deeper hole, and used the same handle.


Yeah, but that would have been 3 pictures.
This way I can still warranty the handle if we ever get a MAC dealer again.




Your handle looks better than the original.


Thanks @TickledDog! I still don’t know how well it will hold up, but that’s part of the fun.



Ha! Ironically I have never had a problem with finding a Snap-on dealer. As time goes on more, and more of my tools become Snap-on tools.

I guess the money really goes to the people that at least show up!


I have always preferred MAC but I can get a Snap-on truck to show up at my house.


Well you can’t beat that service!


I really feel compelled to shop for a home immediately next door to you

for some reason


Not only did you have the time to do this, but, also, the time to give step by step instructions with pictures and post them. Bro… I’d have sent you a pocket screwdriver. Pretty sure I’ve got a drawer of them. Clearly, you aren’t working. Otherwise, who puts in the labor to manufacture half of a pocket screwdriver? Do you need food, too, @switchpod? We can take up a collection, I’m sure. Are you okay? We care about you. Don’t starve to death. I don’t think a lathe can make a cheeseburger. :hamburger:


:joy::joy::joy: thank you for your concern @DarkCornerGunworks. I’m fine. I just had to fix that, and I haven’t had time in the last two months to do and cool builds for the forum.


You sure, buddy? I’ll send you a can of Spaghetti-O’s or something. Lmao


From what I’ve seen and heard, over the last 15 or 20 years, MAC has a lot of trouble keeping dealers. Around here, it’s not unusual to go for years without seeing one of their trucks show up.


That sucks. It’s the same way here, and now Matco is the same way.


@switchpod, you’re a true craftsman. I’m always impressed by your projects. And you always say “Don’t try this at home “. LOL, like we even could.


ditto , thats always a chuckle for me too


I can’t remember the last time a Mac truck was at my work…


Have you had a guy show up wearing a MAC shirt and carrying a clipboard, but not driving a tool truck, who walks in and tells everybody he is just there to tell everybody how much they owe and to collect some money?

That day was the day I ceased to care whether or not the MAC truck ever showed up, again.