No more support, Mac.

Nope. We haven’t had that yet, but I can appreciate the distaste you have for them!


Yep. The company attitude really sinks in, when the guy walks up to you and asks for your name, you ask why he needs your name, and he replies

“So I can tell you how much you owe.”

Apparently, company policy is to respond to “I don’t owe you $#!*” by standing there staring at the person for a minute or two, trying to force them to acknowledge the authority of a MAC representative by sheer willpower, while that person goes back to work and does their best to ignore the MAC representative.

Guys that had broken tools, were given a phone number to call. MAC would not cover shipping in either direction, and would wait until they inspected the tool to decide whether or not to replace it under warranty, so getting a bill for shipment both ways, with the end result of just getting the broken tool back, was a possibility.

This happened maybe six months after the tool truck stopped showing up, with no explanation or notice given before the ‘collections’ guy showed up. He handed out receipts for what he collected, along with instructions on the payment schedule and where to mail the remaining payments to.

The next time anybody from MAC showed up, which was quite a while, it was the district manager (or whatever his title was) with our new dealer (still didn’t bring a truck with them). The manager was coming around to introduce the new dealer, and ask us to give the guy a chance. Apparently, he had been getting a lot of negative feedback from shops in the area. We eventually said OK, we’ll get on the truck when it shows up, but if it’s the same as the last truck, where the toy cars and novelty stuff is the majority of the inventory on the truck, don’t expect us to keep getting on the truck.

I think that dealer lasted two months, before he disappeared.