No Nation Sits Secure


Thats a good 20 minutes :+1:


Good stuff!


Good video.

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He’s saying signs are looking like it might be the end of the USA in the not too distant future.

This video reminds me of people that think the end of the world is coming. They say the bible has specific signs that indicate the coming end of the world.

The US is extremely divided, that point I very much agree with but I don’t think the end of the US is near any more than the end of the world.


Makes for an easier day out fishing I bet :nerd_face:

About the divided part, Christ said both it can’t continue that way

and that he himself is come to that end

How do you feel about the results of the last election, that it was a Biden win?


Sure this country is very divided, but not as bad as the early 1800’s up to and including the Civil War.


lol, yep, pretty divided then no doubt, have you ever studied how that war was fought, particularly by the south, and how it was won, particularly by the north?

If you have public school education on it I recommend a revisit, and this is an inexpensive good start IMO

Back to the election, no opinion to share?

I ask as if you believe it was due to Trump, and can see nothings been done to correct that…would we not be past



It’s very disappointing that Biden won. As a matter of fact, in the area of gun control it’s terrifying. Things like HR 7910 where the left really think they are being reasonable and think more and more gun laws will stop mass shootings. The bill has a 10 round magazine ban. The left thinks there is no reason for the AR rifle but to kill people. On the other hand I think our Supreme Court is more logical. They say guns that are commonly used for legitimate purposes are protected by the 2nd amendment. That describes the AR15 exactly which is the most commonly sold gun in the US.

As for Trump, I think he lost. I think the election was fair and I don’t see enough evidence to the contrary.

As for the book - The Un-Civil War. I’m looking for the next book to read. I think I’ll get that.