No New Content Creators?


If this site was created in reaction to bullshit youtube is cooking up, and the slogan i keep hearing is “all firearms content creators under one roof,” why cant regular people put their content here? Full30 wont even except fairly successful channels like aregular guy.( you guys really need to bring Chris on, BTW). If this platform wants to grow, its going to have to give itself room to grow. part of the reason i am here is to advocate the acceptance of well known youtubers such as chris from aregularguy, as well as advocate that regular users should be able to make and upload content here.

Sic Semper Tyrannis from Virginia,


Yeah, I’m not sure they know what to with this place yet. The concept looked promising but it kinda seems like they have forgotten about it.


It’s my on my only gripe about the platform.


It’s probably a server space issue. I imagine that they can only fit what they can fit. A site like this is not cheap to set up and run. Give them time.


I intend to share music and anything that isn’t an egregious waste of peoples time here. But Mainly I’m here in case youtube bellies up my fav channels.


We have announced that we will be opening the doors to many more content creators soon, and that you can register your channel at


Give this site a chance to grow, and it will. I’m thrilled to see the gun channels break away from leftwing-globalist YouTube. We needed a place like this. Full30 is like newborn America after breaking away from Britain. Once again, just give it time to grow and stick with it. :us:


i got an email response to a message i sent them monday stating that they were opening up to all content creators soon, along with a link to reserve a channel name


I’ll be completely honest, we have been terrible with our viewer support up to this point. Emails going unanswered, and site messages sitting in the queue for months. I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been left in the dark waiting for a reply that never came. We should have done a better job, and it’s no excuse, but now that we have a larger team we will do better.


No worries Scott. Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. Going foward attempting to right the ship is more important than harping on old news. Thank you all for getting this ship pointed in the right direction!


Thank you Scott. There fact that the owners are taking responsibility for their actions (although I can completely sympathize with your lack of manpower) means a lot in this day of “deflect the blame”

You have made me happy of my choice to come here.


Thank you for the update. Will there be a charge/fee, or would you like donations to help get things moving?


Thank you Scott, it is greatly appreciated.


You can do it, we have faith in you. And now especially seeing YouTube is being a bunch of shit heads its not like you really have a choice anymore. Either adapt and grow the site or we go the way of the Buffalo :grinning::us:


Looking forward to this, and I hope Full30 takes off. I’ve got mostly outdoor content, but some gun videos, and I just don’t want to give YouTube one more view. I’ve been directing my friends here, and I have no problem with kicking in monthly while this gets rolling. If the firearms community en masse migrated here, we’d surely have enough content to start bringing in people who might not otherwise come to a startup site. We have to find a harbor for our content or we’ll be off the net, and it might as well be Full30.


This forum seems like it’s off to a good start. I’ve been looking for something to replace YouTube and Facebook. I wouldn’t have found this were it not for following Hickok45 on twitter. I expect it can grow and will grow if we can all help get the word out. I like the subscription idea to a point. Not so much to cut advertising but to keep trolls out. Should be readable by everyone but if you want to post or comment you need to support the group. And moderators to keep things civil and on topic in each forum would be good as well. Can’t wait to completely dump Facebook and YouTube.


H[quote=“mquinn55, post:16, topic:1715”]
Can’t wait to completely dump Facebook and YouTube.

Everyone should ditch these platforms. They serve only their masters, and you know who that group is. Perhaps we all can start to try and get our family, friends and colleagues to move off these anti-American platforms.

Bring them here and what social media platform out there that is pro-constitutio and or 2A. I wouldn’t know anything about social media so I cannot help there.


As one of the newest content creators here at Full30, I can attest that the “little guys” are coming in. I’m one of them. As it was described to me, every single new addition is being personally vetted to ensure that person requesting the Channel name is who they say they are and there isn’t any infiltration as they are ramping up servers and other behind the scenes stuff I honestly have no idea how it works.

I can only imagine manually verifying, adding and everything else takes a long time. I had several email exchanges and a phone verification as well. Anyway, they are doing it, I’m proof, lol.

Joe aka 13C


I’m guessing this is just another dodge by the googles and the youtubes to make everyone think they have a choice. Like George Carlin said, you don’t. You have no choice. They own you.


Hey guys,

I apologize for the delay in getting to this thread.

To answer the question regarding opening to small/new content creators to upload content,

The answer is:
Yes, we are going to be opening the doors to all content creators VERY SOON.

However, because there are literally thousands of channels coming over from YT, we have to do it slowly, over a period of time.

Please be patient as we work to expand our capacity and platform.

Tentative date for all content creators to begin uploading their content is starting in JUNE (yes, two weeks from now)