No New Content Creators?



You need to bring the following good people on board, man. In fact beg them to join Full30. Some of them have already been banned from YT and got their accounts terminated. Please take a pro-active stance on this matter as each and every one of them would be an awesome asset to the Full30 network. You should definitely send them personalized invites. I cannot stress this enough.

Colion Noir
Sage Dynamics



Great suggestions.

I just PM’d you.


Thanks for the suggestion Robert.

In two weeks, though, all content creators should be able to upload videos with the same ease as doing so on YT. (:slight_smile:


Right on, brother. Who needs Poop Tube if there’s Full30?


Thank you for suggesting me. I got most of my videos ready to go. About 200 of them.

That is really good to know. Will we be notified?


To beat a dead horse. Don’t forget to extend an invite to Paul Harrell.

I also recommend TheFireArmGuy.


I seem to recall two weeks being used a lot in the money pit.


Unbelievable that YouPuke would do this. Many of those don’t sell firearms. I have not linked a single YT video in over 3 months now. Nor will I be doing so at any point in the future.


OP here, do we have an option for uploading our own videos on full30 yet? never had a youtube channel, but ive been contemplating more and more of possibly making some videos to post on full30.


Not a single word. I’ve been trying to get in contact with someone, anyone, but no replies.


Yeah we’ve been really excited to post videos of some experiments we’ve been doing here. Waited all June after the big announcement and nothing :confused: