“No One Needs that Many Guns”


Have you ever been told… “No one needs that many guns”

In my experience, “no one needs” is a pretty common excuse from anti-gunners as to why we shouldn’t own guns, or at least, why we should be limited to how many guns we own. There’s a big problem with that – it isn’t called the “Bill of Needs” – it is called the “Bill of Rights.” Rosa Parks didn’t “need” to sit at the front of the bus did she? But she sat in the front of the bus anyways because she believed it was her right.

I provided some stats on how few law abiding gun owners committ crimes with their guns over on the Locked Back blog:


nice video, brian.

great distinction between want, need, and right to have.

good for all us gunowners to keep in mind next time we are confronted by anti-gunners.



Whenever anyone tries to tell you what you can or cannot do, or what you can own, ask them,
“By What Right” do they interfere.



I just tell them that I dont agree with them and I dont want to discuss it. Most of the people that say stuff like that are ignorant and base most of their opinions off what CNN says. You wont change their mind and they probably wont change yours. There are certain times to enlighten people but usually its not the ignorant asshats that are worth talking to, its the people that are inbetween on politics or those that are unsure if they want to own guns.


Well said.

Your “rights” end where my begin.


Well, that went right on Twitter.


Thanks, but there’s more.
When they realize, even to themselves, they have no right to do what they propose, it becomes obvious (even to them), that the only alternative is the use of force.
The realization that they are really proposing the use of force generally stops them cold.
Try it sometime, you might be pleasantly surprised by the result.


government = force (it is what they do)


They can have mine, come try & get’em!


No one needs that much food.
No one needs that much water.
No one needs that much electricity.
No one needs a car with anything but a 1cyl engine.
No one needs smartphones.
No one needs internet that fast.
No one needs Prada, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors or Jordan shoes and etc.
No one needs that many clothes.
No one needs that large of a house.
No one needs that much land.
No one needs a king sized bed.
No one needs jewelry.
No one needs video games.
No one needs pets.
No one needs that expensive artwork.
No one needs that many guns.

These anti-gun people can go properly fuck themselves.


Very politely stated sir!


Well, Mister_Torgue, so glad you didn’t say:

“no one needs Remington”
“no one needs Browning”
“no one needs Glock”
“no one needs Smith & Wesson”
“no one needs Ruger”

Because I am sure there are a lot of people here that would disagree with these statements!



by the way, some of the liberals I used to work with had a saying…

“each to their own ability”
“each to their own needs”

Problem was, that they felt it was ok/appropriate for the government to decide their needs!


sure nobody “needs” than many guns. Who is one person to say to another some stuff like that. I want more than I already have but cannot afford it currently. But nobody is going to restrict me from collecting whatever I want to collect. ALSO, you should just tell people if they ever say that to go look up the Pope’s gun collection and see what they say. Those religious leaders can have huge gun collections and live behind 30 foot tall walls and its ok for them???


That’s called Communism.
The next time you run into a progressives who says that, call them by their rightful name.
Then you can enjoy their melt down.




That is the difference between individual liberties and collectivism and it’s many forms.

The individual is the smallest minority.

Whenever collectivism takes over, the individual is sacrificed for whatever the “greater good” decides it needs that week.

“Laws for thee and not for me” as the saying goes.