No private sales here


FFL Holders can post FFL items.

No Private FFL items at this time permitted.


Sound post

I have been advocating for a thriving market place here
Let’s start off small gentleman and ladies

Truth is I’d rather buy for you folks then a online retailer

A thriving marketplace means more memebers and more traffic for the forum


One big issue we have is shipping… as a small company, we have a lot coming into the shop, not much being shipped out. UPS is best for us… but they rape us if we play by the rules.


I’ve struggled with that issue as a seller on GB, and paid the price as a buyer, adds pretty significant to the amount.

As a seller though you have to question, do you want the Walmart buyers or ones who actually want and will pay for the item they want?

Which one is less likely to cause undue grief?