Nominate Tactical_Reviews as a Moderator


says it all in the title


T.R. Has my vote. Hell we need some one at the helm.


Im all for it but if he wants my vote then I want all Canadians to be discriminated against.


Wait, I hate Canadians? When did that happen.


Lol, I glanced over and saw the topic. Of course I had to come look.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.


We should have more than one community moderator. People from multiple time zones in order to manage effectively.

So, since I only know of Tactical Reviews’ and my experience as admins I vote for the two of us.


I’m in the central zone, I don’t work, being retired has it’s advantages.


I work from home so I’m here 24/7. LOL


Moved to the lounge. I don’t want to give the wrong impression to new users that no one’s at the helm here and they leave.


No need for that. I didn’t know we could move the thread.


Click the pencil next to the thread title and you can choose another sub forum.


Well dang, I learned something today.


Do you want to move it back?


No, leave it here. I meant no need for new users to see this.


Now there’s a problem with moving threads. The op can’t participate.


Yes, I sent him a message.


That is a good point. Not really fair for the poster to not even be able to participate. Shall it be moved back? Not a lot of bashing going on.


I’m leaning towards returning the thread.


…How about this :fu:


I moved it back. :sunglasses: