NorCal here


Hey all. Saying hello from behind enemy lines.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome @jimboecv
Glad you found a secret line transmitting out of enemy territory! Glad to have you here!


Welcome to full30! We take refugees


Welcome to Full30 @jimboecv Good to have you here. This is on the right side of the line…

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Welcome, also behind enemy lines.


We’ll start referring to you poor “Cali” prisoners as Hoagan’s Heros!




Welcome to Full30, jimboecv.

Sorry you have to live in such a place.

I recently traveled thru the San Francisco airport. The TSA people there were the worst I had ever experienced. Perhaps the heavy hand of the government mentality was part of their routine, too?


The TSA is bad in DFW too… edit And Houston.



I used to fly thru DFW a lot. I never saw such an attitude from them there, but don’t recall how they compared to other locations.

So, avoid SF if you can, because they could be downright hostile.


Glad you left? It is a liberal shithole now. Truly disgusting place to live.



actually, not sure I would want to go live in Dallas based upon your description.

Of course, at least now, you have concealed carry. We did not have it back then.


Welcome to the Full30 community! We’re happy to have ya!


Welcome !