Norinco vs poly tech AK47


I have a question for all my AK cono sur’s out there.

I have heard that the poly tech AK47 rifles where just Norinco rifles, others say that the poly techs are a better rifle all together, so I’m looking for some answers on the Chinese AK47 variants.


The company was founded by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in order to provide competition to China North Industries Corporation (Norinco). (founded 1984)

so if you look at the date of inception - it would depend on the firearms date of production. I know that the type 81 is hit or miss production wise that comes out of Poly Tech.


Right on Brother! Thank you for that information. It’s nice to know that there’s a differences between the two.

P.S. the type 81 is a beautiful rifle!


I’ve never owned a Polytech, or even seen one live and in person. I have, however, owned a number of Norincos and can say without a doubt, that they are some of the finest built AKs and SKSs out there (assuming no Bubba mods).
I would take one hands down over an Arsenal, or Saiga, and yes, I have owned both Arsenal and Saiga.


I love my Norinco AK.

I haven’t actually shot it yet… but it sure looks sexy!


Polytech rifles are very very nice all thing considered
They were super cheap to buy before the ban and have swelled in price scince then making them sought after
Norinco is essentially the same rifle and quite robust
To a collector a poly tech is a Cadillac
The norinco is just a Taurus


Really because up here the thinking is a lot different - there have been a lot of issues with PTs such as rolled gas blocks, canted sights (to a point that you can not zero) and linear barrel plane just to name a few.
Guess the moment they become difficult to get the unicorn magic appears causing the inflated value.


That’s how it is here
I’ve honestly have never been a fan of the Chinese ak just my preference but tonsome folks there the do all end all