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Hello everyone,

I’m glad there is a forum for Full30. Maybe it will provide a boost to the Full30 site. Full30 is the first page that opens when load a new browser window. If I happen to be on cough Youtube cough, and I see a suggested gun video, I head over to Full30 to see if it’s listed there.

Cool weather coming here in Minnesota. I’m looking forward to it. It makes concealed carry so much easier. Bring on my favorite CZ, my 75D PCR.


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us and hope you enjoy.


Welcome @TeeBee
Glad you’re here!


Thats awesome :+1:



Welcome to the forum Brother!
, and yes the CZ pcr is a delight.


Welcome to the forum Brother.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30, TeeBee.

Hope you enjoy it here!




Welcome @TeeBee! We are having the same weather here in Montana. I have been rushing to pick the garden this weekend before the really cold weather hits and kills everything else.

Some of us still maintain our YT sites but really live here at Full30. I have a video coming out soon that will violate YT’s terms and conditions. In that case I am just going to put up a short video saying what it is and pointing to the actual video here.


Couldn’t you accomplish more good working within their system?

Putting out videos on where those lost in that system can come and find freedom?


Welcome to Full30…:cold_face:


Welcome, I like you already.