Northern cousin actually shoots


Wife trying the new shotgun


That’s awesome Brother! Glad to see you two out having fun!


Yes that is super awesome, great share, thank you!


How did it shoot? And more importantly, who shot it better?


That’s awesome. What’s the shotgun?


New guns always rock.


Hunt Group (Oncu) XP3 7+1 marine coat however I think I am adding a ATI Halo 2 heatshield. Forgot how hot the barrel gets after rapid fire plus the Halo 2 comes with Ghost ring sights.

The wife did pretty good for her “first” time but has a bit of an issue with using the sights, it comes with a bladed front but just a common top rail groove for the rear. Hence the ATI Halo 2 heat shield and hoping the rear ghost ring works. I didn’t have an issue with the sight picture but I can see it helping her.

What was funny is the two Japanese students (we host foriegn university students) that were shooting, there was no way for them to fire it from the shoulder so had them hip shooting.