Not all actors are dicks


Not all but most sadly are clueless lying liberals.
So using hollyweird democrap logic that WE are all evil murderers,
I label ALL them pedophiles and sex abusers or supporters and enablers of such abhorrent behavior.

Only one cure for child abusers.:skull_and_crossbones:


I remember reading that Richard Greer had to have doctors remove a hampster from his butt…that says all that needs to be said about Hollywood.


I love this guy.


Yes, there are normal folks who work in hellywierd. I’m not so sure they live there though.

Selleck, Woods, Jon Voight, there have to be others of whom I can’t think of at the moment. I don’t know of the positions of the folks I named on the 2nd A’ but they are conservatives. I do know that Selleck is a gun owner. But I would have a beer with any of those gents mentioned and even sit down to a meal with them and I won’t break bread with just anyone. As the dickless balless c—suckers at work learned. I repeatedly showed up for their “aren’t we marvelous” get togethers as ordered to, refused to shake anyones hand, and walked out refusing to eat with them. Non participation.

Then I would put on a feed for the workers (BBQ) and uninvite management, except the good ones. We would sit down to break bread with them. A big middle finger to the others. Everyone knew EXACTLY where they stood with me and why because I would tell them to their faces privately.

I have no doubt they were happy to see me leave.

We need to start doing that to actors and politicians, yada, yada.