Not going to happen.


I dont have an 01 or 07 ffl. Usually when people ask me in comments, on fb or ig, and i tell them no, they stop.

Not this guy…


By the way he was forming his emails he did not sound like english was his first language. You were smart to keep saying no.


^ This


Damn that’s a crazy thread to read
How many times do you have to say no it’s illegal


Tommy Chong was busted in a similar sounding fashion, he was pressed over & over and finally caved,
then busted on commerce violations, selling across state lines and using the post office


Yes but Tommy was under the influance of something.:grin:


Same tactics they used to set up Randy Weaver at ruby ridge .


Wow… that’s all I can say


can you say Агентство интернет-исследований


I actually can… :wink:

It would sound like this:

Against-woah inter-nyet - is-sled-ovah-kneey

His name is also slightly weird. Could be Russian, but not really.


You did the right thing Brother. I have had the same knuckle heads ask me the same questions before.
Just remember Nancy Reagan!


@switchpod I get the same thing all the time
People just don’t get it that that would be considered manufacturing and Is a serious felony


Wow, how different many times can you say NO


Sorry how many different ways of saying NO


@Mosinvirus The insistent requests may stem from your displayed talent, you are pretty good and do excellent work.
Maybe we can help form a fan club :wink:


@Mosinvirus I am not a gunsmith but I am licensed in the medical field, I often have people ask for services that would put my career in jeopardy. I’m sure you have worked hard to get were you are now and you definitely did the right thing by turning this wanker down, I’m sure their are similar laws which applicable to doing business unlawfully will revoke, suspended, or put your arse in jail…just not worth it!


@Mosinvirus I never had a fan base before and beginning to build one (no means like any of the popular people here) but I got my first bean bag…


I guess you should have said no in both Russian and ISIS


I am surprised you took the time to reply to the illiterate asshat,


He’s a true wanker!